Allan Grossbach opened AG Tax Services in 1987 after working as a federal tax auditor for a large Westchester legal and CPA firm for almost ten years. Prior to that, he worked as an IRS corporate field agent in lower Manhattan -- there’s no place tougher to learn the ins and outs of the US tax system! 

His son, Michael, has been in the accounting field since before he could drive. At just 14 years old, Michael started working at the firm part-time. He went on to get Bachelor's degrees in both Economics and Business Administration with a Finance concentration at SUNY Albany in 2002. 

In 2003, Michael became a full-time employee of AG Tax Services and became partner in 2007. Like his father, he has a federal license with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent. This is the same designation that the IRS uses for its own agents and allows Michael to represent any taxpayer before the IRS and US Tax Courts.